Traditions from Ahlelbayt in the books of Sunnis and Shias

16/08/2010 15:57

In the name of Allah , the Beneficent, the Most Merciful


Shias often accuse the sunnis that the sunnis have less traditions narrated from Ali (may Allah be pleased with him). Here is a research about how much traditions of ahlelbayt are present in the shia books and how many are present in sunni books.



Shias have four famous hadith books.

1. Kafi

2. Man La Yahzaruhul Faqih

3.  Al-Tahdheeb

4. Al Istibsar


And here is a list of some of the famous sunni books of hadith

1. Bukhari

2. Muslim

3. Abu Dawud

4. Tirmidhi

5. Nisai

6. Ibn Majah

7. Musnad Ahmad

8. Sunan Darimi


The total number of traditions in the four shia books of hadith is around 44,000 , and amongst those 44,000, there are 644 traditions narrated from the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) , and the funny thing is, the top most shia hadith book contains around 16000 hadith and those of the Prophet (peace be upon him) are only 92, and almost all of them are not authentic or are very weak. This is so many times lesser than the number of hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the single topmost sunni book of hadith, Bukhari.


The another ridiculous fact for the shias, who boast so much of the love of ahlelbayt, is that they have not a single hadith of Fatima , the daughter of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the above mentioned shia books of hadith. While Sunnis have 11 narrations of Fatima in the above mentioned books of hadith of Sunnis.


The number of narrations of Ali in the above mentioned shia books is 690, more than two times less than that present in the sunni books of hadith , i.e 1583.


As far as Imam Hasan is concerned, 21 in above mentioned shia books, and 35 in the above mentioned Sunni books of hadith.


When it comes to Imam Hussain, 7 in the above mentioned shia books of hadith,  and 43 in the above mentioned sunni books of hadith.


Number of traditions of Abu Bakr is lesser (210) than number of tradition of Imam Baqir (229) in sunni books of hadith mentioned above.


This article was just to let the shias know that their claim that we have less traditions from Ali and others than they , is the misconception of the ignorant ones amongst them.


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