Answering shias

Shias differ from the Sunnis in not just the core beliefs but in the details as well. Shias raise different kinds of questions to Sunnis which they think can't be easily answered, or which if answered could make it difficult to the Sunnis to answer certain other questions. This section is solely dedicated to such questions and we will try our best to answer the questions of Shias. For this purpose, we focused on the book of Allamah Abdul Kareem Mushtaq, about whom a Shia website Shiapen says "A former Sunni scholar that converted to Shi’a Islam in the late 1960′s, he dedicated his entire life to defending the path of truth. Author of over thirty books, the vast bulk of his works were rebuttals to Nasibi texts attacking the Shi’a, and he managed to silence many leading lights of Mu’awiya’s cause, such as Dost Muhammad Qurayshi and Qadhi Mazhar Husayn.

We ask help and guidance from Almighty Allah in this task. 


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