Shia ahadith on Taqiyah

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Imaam Ja’far Sadiq is purported to have instructed his special disciple, Sulaimaan:

“O Sulaimaan! Verily, you are on such a Deen that whoever conceals it, Allah will elevate him and whoever reveals it, Allah will disgrace him.”

Usool Kafi, Volume 4, Chapter 'Kitmaan' , Page 147


Imaam Baaqir says:

“Verily among my companions, the most beloved to me is the one who is most pious, the most learned and the one who conceals our narrations (Hadith) the most.”

Usool Kafi, Volume 4, Chapter 'Kitman', Page 150


Imaam Ja’far Saadiq is purported to have said:

“Nine tenth of the (Deen) religion consist of Taqiyah. There is no Deen for him who has no Taqiyah and Taqiyah is in everything except nabeez and masah on khuffain.”

Nabeez is water in which dates have been soaked. After standing for a certain time fermentation takes place. Masah on khuffain is to rub the wet palm of the hand on the feet.”

Usool Kafi, Volume 4, Chapter 'Taqiyah', Page 140


Imaam Baaqir is reported to have said:

“Taqiyah is of my Deen and the Deen of my fathers. There is no Imaan for himwho has no Taqiyah.”

Usool Kafi, Volume 4, Chapter 'Taqiyah', Page 144


Imam Baaqir is reported to have said:

"Taqiyah is in every need"

Usool Kafi, Volume 4, Chapter 'Taqiyah', Page 144


Imam Jafar Sadiq is reported to have said:

"When the arrival of Imam Mehdi is near, do taqiyah even more"

Usool Kafi, Volume 4, Chapter 'Taqiyah', Page 145


Imam Jafar said:

"Concealing our secrets is Jihad"

Usool Kafi, Volume 4, Chapter 'Kitman', Page 154


Imam Jafar said:

"Don't narrate our sayings to our opponents , Allah's mercy be upon him who befriends our opponents under the guise of Taqiyah. (opponent is a term used in shia books of ahadith to refer to sunnis)

Usool Kafi, Volume 4, Chapter 'Kitman', Page 149


Imam Jafar said:

"Protect your deen from the opponents and hide it by Taqiyah , and he has no deen who doesn't perform taqiyah. You and your opponents are like bees of honey and birds. If the birds know what is present in the bees of honey, they will eat them."

Usool Kafi, Volume 4, Chapter 'Taqiyah', Page 141


The Imam 'Ali al-Ridd: when asked what a (Shia) believer should do in a town where there is no (Shia) faqih who might be asked for a fatwa, he replies that he should go to the faqtih of the town, obtain a ruling — and act contrary to it, as this is the only way to find out the truth.

Bihar al-anwar, vol. 2, pp. 233, 235


Imam Jaffar Sadiq is reported to have said "Whoever stands before our opponents (sunnis) in the first line (in prayer) than he is like the one who performed prayer behind the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the first line.

Aitqadat, Author Shaikh Sadooq, Page 112


Zarara says that I asked a question from Imam Baqir, he gave me the answer. Than another man came and asked him the same question, he gave him a different answer, than another man came and asked the same question, the Imam gave him a totally different answer than what he had given to me and the other person. When they went, I asked the Imam, they are your old shias, why you gave them different answers of the same question? Imam said "Zarara indeed it is good for us and our our survival lies in it. If you people agree on any matter, than it will create problem for our survival and yours too." Zarara said "Your shias are so devout that even if they are thrown in fire, they will do so, even then when they comes out after meeting Imams, they speak different languages (meaning they speak different things on religious issues). Imam Sadiq also gave me the same answer which his father had given me (that we do it intentionally so that they don't agree on any religious matter)

Usool Kaafi , Volume 1,  Page 65


Saeed Salman says that I was sitting with Imam Jafar. Two people of Zaidiya sect came and asked "Is there anyone amongst you who is Imam?" Imam Jafar said "No". They said "We have been told by reliable people that you claim to be Imam and you give fatwas regarding it, and we will name those people in front of you. Their names are such and such. They are very pious people and they are amongst those who don't lie" Imam Jafar got angry and said "I have not told them anything like that" Thus when they saw Imam in anger, they went away.

Usool Kaafi , Volume 1,  Page 231


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