Part 1

20/12/2009 03:27

Blatant Lie About Sahih al-Bukhari I: Umm Kulthum “bint `Ali”  Click  Here


Misquotation of al-Tafsīr al-Kabīr I: Sunnī Scholars and the Verse of Mut`a [4:24]   Click Here


The Qur’ān, `Umar (ra) and Sodomy with Women: Exposition of Answering-Ansar’s Web of Lies  Click Here


Shī`ī Scholars and the Authenticity of their Texts   Click Here


Answering-Ansar’s Lie About the Sunnī Schools  Click Here


Answering-Ansar’s Misquotation and Distortion of Sunnī and Shī`ī Texts  Click Here


Did al-Kashmīrī Say the Holy Qur’ān was Distorted by `Uthmān (ra)? Click Here


Distorting the Text of Gharā’ib al-Qur’ān I: The Daughters of the Prophet (saws) Click Here


 More and more lies exposed   Click Here

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