In its introduction to the 100 questions , the shia website answering-ansar says:

These one hundred questions are from the pen of Allamah Abdul Kareem Mushtaq, a name that needs no introduction for Urdu readers. A former Sunni scholar that converted to Shi'a Islam in the late 1960's, he dedicated his entire life to defending the path of truth. Author of over thirty books, the vast bulk of his works were rebuttals to Nasibi texts attacking the Shi'a, and he managed to silence many leading lights of Mu'awiya's cause, such as Dost Muhammad Qurayshi and Qadhi Mazhar Husayn. A continual thorn in the flabby sides of the Nasibi, the inability of the Marwani Mullah's to refute his books, led to them seeking to ban his books through Court on the grounds that they constituted 'disrespect of the Sahaba'. Despite such efforts, he continued his mission undeterred by Nasibi hate mail and death threats. Some of his most notable books include Furu-e-Deen, wherein he presented one thousand questions for the Ahl'ul Sunnah Ulema to refute and Chodha Masalai (replies to 14 questions typically raised against the Shi'a). A great orator as well as a prolific writer thousands of people in Pakistan converted to the path of truth, through him.




Indeed, this person needs no introduction. How can he need introduction when he considers Quran incomplete on the basis that Pakistan is not mentioned in it.


Allama Mushtaq

the guru of answering-ansar in his book, "hazar tumhari das hamari":

The guru says , Quran is corrupt because there is no mentioning of Pakistan in it. 

Scanned Image , Page 553 , Page 554


Now God knows well whether people can convert to the path of truth , through him, or the path of the shia cult.


His book was well refuted by Hafiz Muhammad Meher and you can read that book by clicking here.


As far as the 100 questions put by answering-ansar in their website, we will answer each one of them one by one inshaAllah. Just like the absurd questions in "hazar tumhari das hamari"  "e.g when was Abu Bakar (may Allah be pleased with him) circumcized? (Question 319) , shia books are filled with such absurd questions , you will also find many absurd questions here which doesn't prove anything. That is why many a times, Sunnis don't even like to answer such absurd questions. Here also, these 100 questions doesn't prove anything. It would have been better if the answering-ansar had put some questions which had some meaning, but you will find here a list of garbage which even if unanswered, doesn't prove anything.