Shia disrespect of the wives of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


Khomeini disrespects Mothers of the believers

فلو خرج سلطان على أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام لا بعنوان التدين بل للمعارضة في الملك أو غرض آخر كعائشة وزبير وطلحة ومعاوية وأشباههم أو نصب أحد عداوة له أو لاحد من الائمة عليهم السلام لا بعنوان التدين بل لعدواة قريش أو بني هاشم أو العرب أو لاجل كونه قاتل ولده أو أبيه أو غير ذلك لا يوجب ظاهرا شئ منها نجاسة ظاهرية. وإن كانوا أخبث من الكلاب والخنازير لعدم دليل من إجماع أو أخبار عليه


Brief translation: “If a Sultan were to rebel against Ameer al Mumeneen (Ali RAA) to oppose him in Leadership or any other purpose Like Aisha and Zubair and Talha and Muawiyah and their likes, or If He built up hatred for Ameer al Mumineen or any Imam Then they are not necessarily Najis(Unclean) In their outer appearance Although They are More Malicious Than Dogs and Pigs…”

So He says Aisha RAA and other companions RAA are dirtier than pigs and Dogs… Of course khomeini was later humiliated in his funeral march when the white shroud covering his body was torn and his naked body was grabbed by his followers (who did it to get blessings because they are human worshipers) Then the corpse fell to the ground and was stepped on and humiliated in a very un-organized funeral.

Here is an image of his funeral For those who are interested:


Kitabut tahara, Page 357