Shia disrespect of Ahlelbayt


Ali, short,  bald and fat?

Ali said "When Allah wants to do good to someone, he removes hair from his head, Look at me, I am like that"


A man came to Ali and said "I want to ask from you, three things which are present in you. Why are you so short, why is your belly so big, and why have you no hair on your head. Ali said ... "The Prophet taught me lot of lessons of knowledge, which couldn't find enough space in my chest , so they came down to my belly"

Ilalul Sharaie, Volume 1 , Page 120




Ali and the greatest deceiver

Ali said "If deception was not in the fire (of hell), I would have been the greatest deceiver of Arabia"

Sawabul Amal, by Shaikh Sadooq, Page 291



Ali and honey bee

Than Allah made Ali a honey bee, Imam Jafar said "So we are the honey bees and Ali our leader"

500 Ayat, Page 148



Genitals telling people to accept the wilayah of Ali

"There genitals said to them that we will not leave you till you do not accept the wilayah of Ali"


Asar e Haidri, Page 550


Gnat in Quran means Ali

Renowned Shiite commentator of the Qur'aan, Ali Bin Ibraaheem Al-Qumi, on page 48, volume one, of his commentary, Tafseer Qumi , explaining the Qur'aanic verse, "Of course, Al-Laah does not refrain form giving the likeness of even the smallest of things, be it a gnat in this verse or any thing bigger than this", says that "gnat in this verse refers to  Ali  and the words 'bigger than this' refer to Muhammad (peace be upon him)


Tafseer e Qummi , Volume 1 , Page 48


A poster by ISO, a shia organization in Pakistan, funded by Iran

The poster basically says: 'One should say Labbaik to Syed Ali Khamanai who is the Hussain of today (Nouzobillah)'.

The translation is: We send our Salam to the Imam of Hurr, AbbaAbdillah Al-Imam Hussain (asws), who donated his last drop of blood neither for the sake of reward nor for the desire of Paradise but for the sole purpose of destroying  the origin of filth and unrest, the Yazid bin Mawiaya.  The brothers of the Imamia send their eternal message to all people of various colours and race: To come forward and assist the Hussain of today Syed Ali Khamanai and organise such 'Aza-o-Matam' that would shake the walls of the palaces of Yazid.  If 'Aza' is not conducted along these lines then it would  just merely be crying and beating which is similar to the cries and of the Kufis who called themselves friends of Imam Hussain (asws) but they did not support him (asws).


Shia's belief: Imams are born from the thighs of the Mothers!

Allama Majlisi, includes in his Haqqul Yaqeen the following tradition on the subject , related by the eleventh Imam,Hasan Askari:
It says:

حمل ما اوصیائے پیغمبراں درشکم مادر نمی باشد پہلو مے باشد و از رحم بیروں نمی آئیم بلکہ ازران مادراں فرو دمے آئیم زیر اگہ مانور خدائے تعالٰی ایم و چرک و کثافت و نجاست از ما دور گردانیدہ است



We, the Awsiya of the Prophets are not concieved in the wombs of our Mothers, but in their sides. We do not come out of the wombs, but out of the thighs of our Mothers. We are the light of God,and hence, we are kept away from filth and uncleanliness. 

(Haqqul Yaqeen pg 126)